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1, Aug 8, 2010

Two Years Anniversary of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

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Nothing touches me more than the immense hospitality and friendliness of the Chinese people in extending their warm-hearted welcome to people all over the world; the eagerness to contribute and volunteer, and the scale of participation unsurpassed and unseen in any land provided a sharp contrast to the culture and custom in most western countries. We are so used to the custom of respecting and expecting privacy, keeping a polite and cold social distance so that we never offer help without being asked. We learn to keep ourselves to ourselves and to live in our isolated dwelling. To be fair, people in U.S. are friendly and ready to help if you ask, but the distance is sacredly observed and preserved. Below is what I believe is the theme song of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The doors of our houses are widely open to friends, far and wide.
No matter where you are from, you are our guests. Make yourself at home.
Welcome back friends, old and new. We will have a lot to catch up.
The evergreen trees here have witnessed the friendship of the past.
They will see you leaving us with fond memory rooted in our rich culture and tradition.
Beijing welcomes you, providing you endless opportunities, with her boundless energy.
Beijing welcomes you to share with you all under the sun, letting you break records in our land.
Beijing welcomes you, touching you like beautiful music, providing you the chance to surpass yourself
Beijing welcomes you. You will make it in this land as long as you dream great.
Miracle will take place as long as you have the courage to pursue it.

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