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1, Aug 22, 2010

Socio-Economic Status and One’s Waistline II

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Now we know people who have been overweight since adolescence are more likely to forsake college, to be on welfare, unhappy and unemployed, and even to live alone. Next people will try to find answer to this finding.

Some explain that overweight children suffer from inferior complex and low self-esteem. Yale psychologist Kelly Brownell has found “overweight people are 26 times more likely to report discrimination than their normal-weight counterparts” …”overweight kids are far more likely to report being teased” by teachers, classmates, and even their own families. And “discrimination against overweight individuals has increased 66% despite the fact that more adults are becoming overweight.” “The social climate and our toxic food environment is so disastrous that more and more people are having trouble resisting it…” “Changing the environment is key to solving the problem. ” Right. Go ahead blaming others for our own problems and the problem will be gone if other people change. It sounds so logic, right?

My daughter read the article, commenting that those problems of unemployment, not going to college, on welfare, and overweight have the same root cause — lack of self-control and self-discipline. If they cannot control how much they eat and get themselves out of shape, how can you expect them to have the needed discipline to go through rigid higher education and go up social status? Someone got to have the will power to delay oral gratification and stop adding those extra embarrassing pounds first.

Whoop, that’s a tough call.

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