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1, Aug 13, 2010

Stay Away from Depression, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s

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On July 6, 2010, I read an article on depression and the increased risk of dementia. “Having depression may nearly double the risk of developing dementia later in life, new research suggests. Experts know that the two conditions often co-exist, but it is not clear if one actually leads to the other. Now two studies published in the American Journal Neurology suggest depression does mean dementia is more likely, although they do not show why.”

Depression at a younger age is probably a significant risk factor for dementia. “Inflammation of brain tissue that occurs when a person is depressed might contribute to dementia. Certain proteins found in the brain that increase with depression may also increase the risk of developing dementia.”

This is not a surprise when we have known that people with depression show a shrunk hippocampus. This was confirmed in 1999 by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. They found that a key brain region is significantly smaller in people who have suffered from clinical depression. Reporting in the June 15 1999 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience, they say people who have been depressed have smaller volumes in a seahorse-shaped brain structure called the hippocampus that is important in learning and memory. 3-D MRI was used to confirm a volume loss only in those who had been depressed.

Well, from all that I read on the topic, I am convinced that one way of keeping our brains sharp and shine is to make all efforts to stay sunny and cheerful. Read comics or silly jokes or do whatever works to keep yourself upbeat everyday.

To my dear readers and my children, make a point of doing something everyday that can guarantee to yank out that hearty laughter from bottom of your heart.

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