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1, Aug 21, 2010

Socio-Economic Status and One’s Waistline I

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I knew there is a link between the two. This is confirmed by TARA PARKER-POPE’s article “Extra Weight Adds to Economic Woes” on 7/22/2010, carried by New York Times.

“Years of being overweight not only contributes to health problems but also to a person’s economic woes, new research suggests. Adults who have been overweight since high school are more likely to be unemployed or on welfare than those who gained weight gradually during their 20s and 30s, according to a study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology. People who have been persistently overweight since high school are also more likely to be single at 40 and have no more than a high school education, compared with those who have gained weight slowly over time, the study showed.” The lead author, Philippa J. Clarke of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, said they were looking at “the social and economic consequences of being persistently overweight” in their study.

Even more worrisome is the existence of the link between education and overweight problem, that is “people with less educated parents were more likely to be overweight at a young age. But even controlling for parents’ lower socioeconomic status, the researchers found that the persistently overweight experienced more economic hardship than those who gained weight slowly over time, suggesting that weight status also can predict economic status.”

On the other hand, the encouraging news is “good grades in high school lowered a student’s risk for being persistently overweight as an adult.” The implication is maintaining a constant good school performance is one of the keys to maintain healthy weight and thus another possible key to the rise in society later on in one’s life.

Now we are fully aware of the potential insidious damage posed by those extra pounds to our social and economic future. Considering this fact, it is up to the parents to make sure that children are on the healthy side during their years at home.

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