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1, Aug 16, 2010

Poor Cardiac Output Correlates to Low Brain Volume

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School will start tomorrow.
Now we have one more reason to keep our hearts strong and healthy — for our dear heads. On 8/2/2010, I read a report by Serena Gordon carried on Bloomberg Businessweek. The lead author of the study is Angela Jefferson, an associate professor of neurology at the Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Boston University School of Medicine. The main finding is heart health is related to brain health.

“People with the highest cardiac output for their body size (cardiac index), meaning those with the greatest blood flow from their heart, tended to have more brain volume, which generally indicates a healthier brain. In fact, the researchers said that people with the lowest cardiac output showed nearly two more years of brain aging than did those with the highest cardiac output.”

“Those with the lowest cardiac index and the middle group both had smaller brain volumes than those with the highest cardiac index,” said Jefferson.

“The health of the heart and circulatory system are increasingly being linked to the health of the brain. Poor heart health has been linked to neuropsychological impairments and dementia, according to background information in the study.”

Key point to take home is: anything that is good to your heart is also good to your brain; anything that is bad to your heart is bad to your brain, too.

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