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1, Aug 15, 2010

Spoiled Teens Bite the Hands that Feed Them

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On 7/6/2010, I read an article by Michele Borba, Ed.,D. “Surefire Ways to Turn OFF Your Teen.” The article starts with this statement, “Talking with an adolescent can be like walking through a minefield. At any moment you could be asking what you thought was a simple, sincere question only to find it triggering an explosive response… often seems to backfire because of the type of questions asked.” The author goes on listing “7 Deadly Questions to Never Ask an Adolescent.” These questions are,

1: “So, how was your day?”
2: “Why didn’t you tell the kid to leave you alone????”
3: “What was she wearing?”
4: “Why are you sooooo sensitive?”
5: “Why did you do that?” (Even worse: “What were you thinking?”)
6: “Why didn’t you just say no????”
7: “Why don’t you just get over it and move on?”

This is pathetically preposterous! I feel awfully sorry for those parents who are literally abused and tyrannized at the hand of their spoiled teens.

No.1, I don’t see anything wrong with any of these questions. Nothing offensive to me.

No.2, even if a parent asks a “wrong” or “unwise” question, does it warrant the explosive response from the teen child? Don’t parents deserve due respect? Why do these teens have zero tolerance toward their parents?

No.3, the fact that teenagers go through touchy, sensitive stage is not the excuse for their lack of respect toward their parents who are as much human as themselves.

No.4, why is it that parents ask the child “How was your day” and the child never cares to ask his/her parents the same question? I am fed up with the selfishness of these teens, as if the whole world turns around them. For all their lives, the parents have loved and cared for them, but they have not learned to love and care their parents. Isn’t that ridiculously wrong?

To be sure, teens with problems are tiny minorities. Even with these problematic teens, parents still need to put their foot firmly on the ground and not allow the teen to trample upon them. They deserve better treatment than this.

What I see is nothing but a bunch of spoiled teens who have not learned the proper way of communicating with their parents, who do not care hurting their parents, and who are actually the products of bad parenting, so tragically popular now.

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