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1, Aug 5, 2010

No Tree, No Shade; No Pain, No Gain

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On Memorial Monday, 5/31, I took my daughter to a local hair service store. The day was hot and uncomfortable. When I tried but failed to find a shaded spot for my car, I made this comment, “When people seek shade under a scorching sun, they need to remember how much work that has been involved in developing a big tree with a huge lovely shade. Can you think of the analogy of tree shade?” I further asked her.

“I know what it is. You are thinking of parenting and the filial duties that children will do toward their parents when the parents are old. Only when you have done a good job of parenting can you enjoy the loving care of the children,” said she.

“Wow, excellent,” said I. “Serious? You have mentioned this before,” said she. I am sure I have. And here I am talking about the same thing again. No pain, no gain. No free lunch under the blue sky, for parents and for all of us, especially for children.

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