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1, Aug 12, 2010

Five Simple Ways People Become Victims of Scams

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BBC carried an article on 6/15/2010 on the experience of playwright Alan Bennett and how he lost his wallet, with £1,500 while being helped by pickpockets. First, someone aquirted ice cream on Bennett, next he was offered to have it cleaned off from his coat. And in a second his fat purse is no more. He became a victim of the classic “distraction” scam.

Below are some common-used tricks by pocket-pickers.
This is a classic scam in which a person will do something funny like squirting mustard dip or ketchup just to get the attention of his victims. As the thief helps clean up the mess, an opportunity is created for him to steal something valuable from his victim.

This is another “distraction” technique. It often takes a team to complete the task. A couple may come over to take a picture of you. While you explain to the person how to use the camera, the third one takes this opportunity to do the stealing.

As you are getting off the escalator, the person in front of you drops some coins and tries to pick them up. This will create some chaos, a bit jam and jumble, and best of all, an opportunity for the thief to do his job. It turns out the person in front and behind you are the thieves-team.

Never underestimate the cleverness of the thief. An experienced thief knows how to manipulate you into acting a certain way so that he can do his job in a split-second. As you are entering your PIN on the charge pad, then you feel a tap on the shoulder and the person behind you asks if you have dropped something on the floor. As you turn to take a look, you create an opportunity in which something valuable from your purse is really dropped forever.

Because people get a good feeling by helping others, they are willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. This eagerness to help opens another channel for the thievies to creep in.

Keep in mind all these small tricks.

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