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1, Aug 17, 2010

A Peek into Coming Attractions

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On the Saturday of 8/14/2010, we had a family over for a dinner gathering. Their first daughter and mine grew up together. We talked about their generation, the second generation, born and grown up on this land, embraced the cultural values and the best of both sides, given all the opportunities to make it here. Most of them have worked very hard from early age, highly accomplished in many aspects.

Later I told my daughter that I anticipated an unprecedentedly high visibility of Asian Americans from her generation, first time in U.S. history. I know many of them have gone to the top-notch institutes of higher education and there is no doubt that some of them will play key roles in the positions they occupy, regardless which field they enter.

As their generation merge into American society, we will definitely see more and more eminent Asian-American scientists, politicians, CEO, businesspersons, and of course, more Asian-American philanthropists. This is a peek into coming attractions.

As the parents of this exciting new generation, we are both awed and humbled by this great history-making process. More than anything else, we are honored.

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