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1, Jul 4, 2010

Write Our Life Stories Before They Become History

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During one of my daily chats with my mom last month, I told her to start writing. “Just a little bit everyday, or whenever you want to write, anything from your childhood, youthful years, the army life, my father’s life stories, or stories from our childhood, or your observations today. Don’t force yourself and don’t make it a job as if you have to write. Write when you feel like.”

I told my mom she wrote for us just as I was writing daily for my children. “You would think that they read it, right?” asked my mom.

Of course, I am motivated by the thought that someday my children will come back to these writings. Yet, on a deeper level, I write because I have something to say, because I am writing about my life’s experience and I value whatever I have experienced. It is my life story, my living history. If I don’t value my life, how can I expect my children to do the same?
On 7/1, while at work, a friend of mine called. We talked about writing again. I encourage my dear friends to write any time they feel like. Their memories and experiences are like antiques or any collectibles, gaining value as time goes by. As a matter of fact, they are the best collections for our children.

Remember: write before you forget. Write before we become history.
By the way, happy fourth of July! We have one day off because of this.

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