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1, Jul 8, 2010

Volunteer, Unemployment and Philanthropist

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This is a report on on 6/15/2010, “1.6 million more Americans volunteered in 2009,” by ANN SANNER. “Americans spent 100 million more hours helping their communities last year, a new federal report says, and the number of people getting involved went up by 1.6 million to 63.4 million.”

You would think it is because of high unemployment rate of the nation, as if unemployment naturally leads to high volunteer activity. When people are out of job, they have plenty of time on hand and are in the position to help. But the finding runs against this assumption — “lower volunteer rates in states with high rates of unemployment and in cities with high rates of foreclosures.”

How do we explain this finding? My understanding is when you go out volunteering either your service or your time, you not only need time for it, but also need to be in the mood for such lofty-spirit activity. I would not think anyone in the mood for volunteer when he/she is consumed with worries and anxieties over job, childcare, housing or simply putting food on the table.

Realistically speaking, no philanthropist can afford any good-hearted charity work on empty stomach. In other word, you have to pad your own pocket and tummy, and put yourself in the mood before you see yourself a happy volunteer and a philanthropist, going out lifting up the spirits of your fellow human beings. For my children who have always been eager to help those in need, equip yourself with skills and resources first.

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