The Rich Americans Love the Poor and the Needed Outside the U.S.

This is the most fitting topic for the 4th of July national holiday, supposed to be the most patriotic day. This article was carried on The Wall Street Journal, “Wealthy Give More Overseas, Less to Education, Religion,” 6/9/2010. Wealthy Americans care more about the underpriviledged people globally than those at home.

The giving to international aid see an increase of 6.2%. Domestically, donations to church, education, public society, and arts have declined greatly. It is heartening to see more money poured into environmental protection at home and international aid abroad.

It is an welcome sign to see the rich Americans becoming more catholic in heart and less parochial as the mainstream so soundly demonstrate.

The article reminds me of my son’s recent paycheck, one-third of which was given to Uncle Sam. I still believe donation to any charities is the best solution if any money has to be chipped off your paycheck.

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  1. Comment by Xiaoqin on 1, Aug 1, 2010 4:40 pm

    Donations to charities should be by individual people, not by the government. The tax is going to increase. Excessive taxing on middle class can do damage to small business.

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