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1, Jul 11, 2010

To a Wonderful Father, With Love

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A few days ago, I searched around trying to find a flower for my father. I know he loved flowering plants but I never had a chance to find out his favorite ones. July 11 of 1987 saw his early departure from this life. 23 years later, as I try to honor the memory of him by writing about his life, I realize once again how little I actually know of his life stories, his childhood living with his stepfather, his experience in the army, years in Korea, his journey from a remote country village to the capital of the country.

I knew my grandmother was an old-fashioned village teacher. She not only gave her son his elementary education but also inspired him to fly high. But again, much as I want to know the person who had once exerted tremendous influence on my father, this person remained as unknown to me as any stranger on the street.

Winston Churchill liked to wonder about the future, always asking what would happen next, in one year or 5 years, etc. During his senior years, he realized that he had had a very eventful life and there must be many people who would write about him after he passed away. “Instead of having others write about me, I am going to write about myself.” And there he was, out with three volumes of memoirs and much more, setting the fact straight for all who later attempted to write about his life.

I wish my father had left some writing so that we had a chance to get to know him. I wish he could see the flowers that I have gathered for him here.

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