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1, Jul 2, 2010

Mao Zedong: A Reality Check 1

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Positive view on Mao Zedong
Yesterday was the birthday of Chinese Communist Party.
My children have asked me about Mao Zedong as they have heard many exceptionally bad things about him. If he were so bad, why were there so many songs dedicated to him? I told them to read for themselves and reach a conclusion from their own readings, as opposed to listening to what others have said.

I myself have read a lot about Mao. On the positive side, I agree with an article sent by a friend. That is, those who still cherish a dear memory of Mao believe that Mao had a genuine love for his people. This reminds me of the outstanding individuals in the Civil Rights Movement of 1960s, — the “I have a Dream” speech of Martin Luther King, Jr., Rose Park, those who bravely fought for de-segregation in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama. All these ordinary people helped to move forward American society, which vividly exemplified what Mao once said, people and people alone are the true force behind the advance of human history.

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