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1, Jul 16, 2010

Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence and Your Chance of Success

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This is part of the leadership workshop that I attended from workplace. I can’t agreed more with what I have learned regarding the significance of emotional intelligence. Here are the notes from the lesson.

For many years, people have believed that your IQ determines your destiny. Not so according to a new behavioral research. The research shows that IQ provides, at best, a narrow view of human intelligence. Factors such as self-awareness, impulse control, persistence, zeal, self-motivation, empathy, and social deftness contribute greatly to an individual’s success. These qualities, termed “emotional intelligence,” often determine if people excel in life, relationships, and the workplace.

In nearly all cases, emotional intelligence determines a person’s up and down in life as EI contributes to an individual’s ability to self-motivate, self-control, and self-discipline, the key elements to success. This explains why some people with high IQ remain all their lives trapped at the bottom of the social ladder because they suffer from low EI.

Emotional Intelligence plays a significant role in impulse control and ability to delay gratification. Emotions override logic in highly emotional moments. Realizing the key role played by EI, parents with every good intentions now know not to ignore the development of a high emotional intelligence in their children.

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