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1, Jul 6, 2010

A 8-Year-Old Girl Strangled by A 28-Year-Old Murderess

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The 8-year-old Sandra Cantu vanished on March 27, 2009 after a surveillance video caught her skipping down the street near the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park. Her body was found 10 days later in a suitcase by farm workers draining a pond about two miles from her home.

Every time I read news like this, I thought of some hideous male criminal. I used to believe little ones are always safe in the loving hands of a female. Children are especially safe with kind-hearted church folks. Call this prejudice. This time I was aghast and speechless when I learned that this lovely little girl was raped and murdered by a 28-year-old woman, a Sunday school teacher at her pastor-grandfather Clover Baptist Church not far from San Francisco.

When you see this 8-year-old angelic creature, your heart is filled with nothing but love and the desire to protect this tender life. You would never imagine a woman could have taken away this precious little one in such a gruesome manner? What is going on with these crazy people? The perversity of this horrifying crime defies any human comprehension.

Now I have to pronounce this realization — your little ones are not even safe with a female, not even an association of some denomination.

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