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1, Jun 15, 2010

Unfavorable Job Perspective for Recent Graduates

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On 5/26, I read an article from yahoo on job prospective for this year’s college graduates. The article mentions the experience of a young graduate from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in history. He has sent job applications to 50 employers, without any luck so far. While keeping his search for something he truly wants, he has taken a minimum-wage job selling software that includes an occasional commission.

This experience reminds me of two people that I know of with similar experience. One has a bachelor degree in mass media from Central Mizzou ending up being a salesperson at Sear’s; the other with a bachelor in early education works as a non-skilled employee at our practice. Both of them started with the same intention as this history-major graduate, but stay in their initially temporary position permanently. The longer they are on their temps, the more challenging it is for them to leave it. It takes extraordinary efforts and will power to make the shift from their temporary one to something they truly enjoy and are trained for. Wish them good luck.

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