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1, Jun 2, 2010

Sleep Deprivation Kills

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We know we spend one third of our lives sleeping. What happens to our body during our sleep? Does it matter what time we sleep? Here’s a real life story from a friend of mine. A 25-year-old working for Microsoft died not long ago. Before that fateful day, this person had been an all-nighter working — went back home at 6 AM the next morning, slept till noon and back to work again, and carried on like this for five consecutive days and never woke up again on the fifth day. The dead person, once having a strong heart, must have been killed by overwork. In fact, this is the third such case in this company.

No wonder doctors suggest that it is better to go to bed before 10 PM in order for the internal organs to repair and fix damaged cells. According to Chinese medicine, our internal organs purges toxic from our body during night time. Their nightly purging timetable is listed below.
(1) 9 – 11 PM — Immune system is active purging; light music helps
(2) 11 PM – 1 AM — liver purges toxic. It has to be carried out during our sound sleep moment
(3) 1 – 3 AM — gall bladder starts purging wastes
(4) 3 – 5 AM — lung works on purging
(5) 5 – 7 AM — colon is up at purging, best time for bowl movement
(6) 7 – 9 AM — intestines start working on absorbing nutrients; make sure you haver a hearty breakfast.

Don’t ask me why. I only know sleep deprivation shortens one’s life if it does not kill it right away. It is very detrimental to your body when you constantly burn midnight oil.

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