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1, Jun 23, 2010

Shattering the Myth of Trust, Taking Care of Ourselves (1)

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I have been reading this book by Robert Wacher and Kaveh Shojania, Internal Bleeding: The Truth Behind America’s Terrifying Epidemic of Medical Mistakes, 2004. It was a disturbing discovery. Yet, it is good to know all the dark side of fact so that we can be wise patients when facing untrustworthy ones.

A 42-year-old patient suffering from chest pain died from wrong medication. His doctor prescribed Isordil 20mg every 6 hour but his poor handwriting made it look like Plendil. His pharmacist sent him home with a bottle of Plendil, 20mg 4 times, totally 80mg per day. Tragically, the safe dose for Plendil is 10mg per day. Patient died of massive heart attack. pp. 67-68

Two persons that we normally trust to take good care of us, failed this time, the doctor and the pharmacist, both being able to cure and kill. If the patient knew he could not blindly trust these people and had done some research on the nature and safe dosage of the drug that he was supposed to take, the tragedy might have been prevented. I don’t know whom we can trust other than ourselves.

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