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1, Jun 17, 2010

Murder the Business Partner for Insurance Money

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On 5/28/2010, I read a piece of rather disturbing crime from bbc news. Vina Patel and John Cort were business partners of 30 years. “Cort had persuaded her they should increase their life assurance cover from £500,000 to £1.5m, claiming he had a serious illness,” and that their firm’s life insurance would protect the business in case of the death of either partner. After the insurance was doubled, Cort hired a hit man to kill Patel. Consequently, John Cort, 54, of Rutland Street, Leicester, was convicted at Nottingham Crown Court of killing Vina Patel so he could claim life insurance. Hit man Brian Farrell, 37, of Queensborough Terrace, west London, was jailed for a minimum term 27 years.

“The motive for Vina’s murder was greed and money.” Crimes like this always shocked me beyond comprehension. I was wondering, would it turn out differently if Patel had been more careful and had seen through Cort? How could she be a partner of Cort for so long and had not a tiny clue or any dreadful bad omen of what was heading to her way when he persistently urged her to double insurance payout upon the death of either of them? When Cort said that he was in poor health and that it was all for her benefit, was she dreaming that she would be the beneficiary upon Cort’s death if she agreed to his request of doubling the life insurance?

Many puzzles and questions were running through my head, with no satisfactory answer whatever. At least, I wish my readers will be more careful and think more than twice when they face similar business arrangement.


  1. Sociopaths can know how to say whatever will manipulate the situation best. Maybe only paranoia can protect?

    Comment by me — 1, Jun 17, 2010 @ 5:45 pm

  2. As a friend of Vina Patel, can I say that I found your observations a somewhat stark and unfair. Vina was a strong character and by no means naive. I think that suggesting others should “be more careful” suggests that Vina’s terrifying and untimely death was avoidable on her part. I do not see how you can say that is the case. So far as Vina dreaming about being the beneficiary in the event of Mr Cort’s death, what I would say is that the Vina Patel I knew was cared very deeply for the staff at Corts Solicitors and so for my part, I believe that she would have agreed to the insurance being increased with the stability of the staff foremost in her mind.

    Comment by Friend of Vina — 1, Jul 6, 2010 @ 9:16 am

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