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1, Jun 27, 2010

It Takes certain Discipline to Exercise in Extreme Weather

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To be sure, exercise itself is not comfortable comparing to sitting on the couch reading or watching your favorit shows. It is especially miserable when you go out walking under any extreme weather. Hence, we often walk in a mall or a big store, as we want to torture ourselves only this much.

During weekday, my daughter and I used to go to Neighborhood Wal-Mart for an evening walk. But ever since she met her classmates there, she refused to go there. “Have you ever seen a teenager walking with their parents?” said she. From then on, we started going to Target, bigger and farther from home. We went there twice last week.

On weekend, normally I get up late since I don’t need to go to work. Yesterday I decided to get up before sunrise, setting alarm at 5:50 AM, and take a morning walk outside. I felt so great walking in the cool morning breeze. I know I can always take a nap at noon, if I feel tired.

Later, I shared this with my daughter. We both agree it takes something extraordinary to kick yourself out of bed this early and move your feet out of the house. Spending your weekend lying on the couch in front of TV with something to munch might seem a cozy activity; but if you want to do something good to your body and do the right thing, remember this morning and keep it up.

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