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1, Jun 30, 2010

Early Bird Catches More Worms — Graduation and Preparation

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On 6/23/2010, I drove my daughter to Shawnee Mission NW High for summer class. After I dropped her, I saw a car wreck not far from the school on 67th street involving two high school students, a boy and a girl standing outside their cars, waiting for police to show up. The small white car hit with full force the tail of an SUV, nearly totaling the white car’s front hood.

The school starts at 7 AM. On the first day, we arrived a little after 6:50 AM, having to wait for a few anxious minutes outside school before we could finally drive to the dropping spot. We found that if we arrived 2 or 3 minutes early, we could avoid the anxiety and could save more time, reaching there ready and relaxed.

Everyday, as I drive out of the high school on 67th street, seeing the long line of cars piling up to Quivira, I was thinking, “They could have avoid waiting in such a long line if they leave home a few minutes earlier. Why don’t they do that?” Witnessing the car wreck right outside school further makes me wonder aloud.

For my children, you can apply this to other aspects of life, as you might already have heard of this saying, “Early bird catches more worms.” If you want to graduate from either high school or college miles ahead of your peers with overwhelming victory, you have to prepare for this moment years ahead. If you want to catch more worms than your peers, you must plan and start earlier than all of the crowd.

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