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1, Jun 14, 2010

Another Good Habit: Greeting People Wherever You Are

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Continued from the posting on habits, happiness and health many days ago.
I have discovered some little ways that can guarantee surprisingly good results. That is, greet people either at work or at home or anywhere you find yourself meeting people. This works like miracle drug in relaxing atmosphere, bringing good will, putting people at ease, and most importantly making ourselves feel good.

“Good morning, Dr. … How are you?” With that, I have noticed the genuinely pleasant smile on the face of people that I have just greeted. Your sincere greeting means you are not rude and haughty enough to ignore people passing by and that you are in excellent mood to exuberate good wishes to people around. After all, who would like to be around the grumpy and grouchy ones who are full of negative thoughts and complaints?

For my dear children, you should get into the habit of greeting people no matter where you are. Do it even at home in the morning. Don’t take it as unnecessary ritual or something like that. Even if it is a ritual, it has its positive function and results. Be a missionary of peace and good wish.

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