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1, May 31, 2010

The BP Oil Spill and An Example of Inefficiency at Work

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The April 20, 2010 Gulf of Mexico BP oil spill, the deep-water horizon spill reminds me of a similar incident of inefficiency and frustration at work.

I was not able to login to a portal for a long time and I don’t really care to go there if I can help. On May 6, my colleague asked about a dictation from it, so I tried and failed again, using my old login info. So I emailed the customer service which is provided on the site, expecting a quick fix. I would not waste any minute if there was no quick fix. The site person got back to me immediately, which meant the person on the other end was not crazily busy. I was told to contact the IT support person who “handles all of the user admin for your clinics, you will need to fill out a heat ticket and she should be able to resolve the problem.” Forget it. I have a lot more better things to do than dragging myself through this hell of trouble. I would rather taking care of my own agenda than anything like this.

I am too familiar with the procedure of getting any IT job done. We are supposed to contact the manager who would fill out and send a heat ticket to the IT people. If the manager is not available or busy at the time, the process will take a few days and it really discourages people to go through. Last time I had login problem with my pc and had to borrow other’s pc for a week waiting for any solution, spending more time wandering around, decreasing productivity and wasting time. When I asked my colleague why it got to be this way, I was told that this was the only way the company can keep track of productivity of IT people, with the consequence of lowing productivity of those people whom IT is supposed to serve. Sometimes, you have to go through some detours to get a simple task done, even if the direct and fast lane is available.

Imagine what it would be like if such practice prevails in most of companies here in U.S. This fully explains why it takes forever to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I can understand perfectly why people are frustrated with Obama administration, that is, with his slowness in response to the crisis and his failure to see the urgency of getting the disaster under control. Why can’t Obama issue an ultimatum, asking BP to keep spill under control within a deadline? Failure to meet the deadline will grant the U.S. the right to do whatever is needed to get the job done. I can’t believe the supposedly most powerful country in the world, with the most advanced technology and the money to get the brightest heads in the world, cannot even stop the environmental disaster in a matter of a day or two. I think it more a matter of inefficiency than inability. The highest level of inefficiency!

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