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1, May 29, 2010

Teaching Profession and the Nice Summer Break

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Every year, around late May when the weather is getting really summer-like, my mind keeps flowing back to those long lazy summer days during summer breaks, starting from my primary school years in the suburb of Tianjin. The aged dream of teaching in a college has come back again.

For a long time I have assumed summer is not for working but for a nice long break when we can go swimming or go chasing dragonflies or take an hour nap in the middle of the long day. I have figured out that you can have summer break only if you are a teacher somewhere. Thus, I have longed to be a college professor. But I gave up the position when I felt culturally handicapped and mentally constrained in a small no-named town in the middle of nowhere.

I keep convincing my children to take up teaching profession simply because of the long winter and summer breaks. You can have the whole summer for yourself. Imagine that kind of freedom! My turn has gone, though dream still lives. Now it is yet to be seen whether or not one of my children will be able to enjoy the bless of a long summer break.

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