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1, May 25, 2010

Short-Term Gain at the Cost of Long-Term Loss

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I read Time magazine, 5/3/2010 issue a few days ago. There is an article that reports “The Long-Term Effects of Spanking.” The result reveals that a spank on the bottom may be the quickest and most effective disciplinary measure, yet it makes children act out in the long run.

“Spanking remained a strong predictor of violent behavior.” Instead of spanking, the report suggests that parents use time-outs, which deprives the child of any interaction and gives him a total quiet moments by himself.

Nice suggestion! We all know physical punishment will hurt the children psychologically and emotionally in the long run and we should not resort to violence toward the weaker and younger ones. But still, many parents cannot contain their own temper and shortsightedly grab the immediate gain at the cost of long-term loss. Until parents can put things in perspective and exercise good control over themselves, the children will unfortunately never be free from physical punishment. Very often, it is the parents who are in more need of discipline than their children.

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