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1, May 22, 2010

Positive Feedback to a Reject Letter Helps

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I had been working at our central office before I transferred to research section at the clinic site. I did learn a lot about billing and coding while working there. But as I did not see much future there and was eager to learn something new, I wanted to move to the clinic, working with patients. So when I saw an opening at research department, I sent an application without really expecting an offer because I had zero experience in the area.

On Monday, May 14, 2007 4:57 PM, as I expected, the hiring manager emailed me, “I wanted to let you know we have chosen another candidate ….” At 5:54 PM on that day, I emailed back, trying to stay positive,

“Thanks for the update. Too bad that I miss this opportunity to get into the clinic, where I am sure I would be able to learn tremendously regarding the actual cancer treatment process. What would you suggest that I should do to prepare myself for any future openings in this area?”

The next day, she wrote back, “Don’t give up …, we are going to be shifting some things around and there will be another opportunity. I was impressed with your eagerness to try something new and think you have a skill set that lends itself nicely to the position.”

Indeed, a month after this exchange, another opening came up and I got it under this hiring manager. I was told later by someone there that the hiring manager did not think I was qualified for the position at all. But here I am with the job. I am sure thing would not turn out this way if I had not send positive feedback. I hope my children will always remember to stay and sound positive even if they feel down and low over experience like this.


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