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1, May 5, 2010

Plan and Project Management for Summer and Beyond

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Last Friday evening I talked to my son over the phone about his summer work. If you work under some sort of sponsorship, the sponsor will expect some deliverable at the end of that timeframe. You know deadline often comes faster than you expect. Therefore, it is essential to have a good action plan. He told me the concept of milestone to mark the development of the company. I shared with him some of my past experience.

(1) It is a good habit to keep a work journal so that you can go back and see what you have done in case you need to find that out. When I worked as consultant prior to y2k, I needed to write a weekly status report, detailing the tasks that I had completed and the progress that I had made during that week. A daily work log made the task a whole lot easy.

(2) Always chop a task or a major project into small pieces and assign each piece into certain time range, making sure you meet your own deadline. When I worked on my dissertation back in Ohio in early 1990s, I made sure that I completed each chapter according to my steel-fixed plan.

(3) Another trick against procrastination is to impose a deadline on yourself, which is usually at least one week before the real deadline. This is a sure-proof against procrastination.

The above three mechanisms that I have employed before have helped me. I hope my children will get into the habit of using them. They will benefit from them for this summer and beyond.

P.S. the relative of ours left for China today. When he first arrived in 2006, my son was third year of high school. Now he is third year of college. Next year he will graduate from college. Four years have rushed by so fast!

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