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1, May 2, 2010

Parents Anticipating and Preparing for What Will Happen Next

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The other day I watched a Chinese talk show in which parents, children and some parenting experts together watch a scene where a girl went shopping with her parents. When her demand for a new toy was not satisfied, she made a terrible scene in public drawing huge attention until her parents yielded. Seeing the triumphant smile on the face of this girl, my heart went out to her parents who seemed thoroughly beaten, tortured, lost and utterly helpless.

I am sure most of the parents have this experience in which they grudgingly give in to their spoiled children. I never have such extreme cases, but I have my share of unpleasant moments, in which we went out with a cheerful mood with all the intentions to make it a pleasant experience, but out of the store a totally opposite one took its place. Each time after the experience, I told myself that I must learn something from this and I would never go to a store without a written promise from my child that we would not do this or that. But very often, the moment we plan to go out, I am in such an excellent mood that I simply forget all this.

It takes so much discipline and never-to-forget rule for parents to ever achieve any desirable result.

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