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1, May 8, 2010

Obama and Israel: The Dilemma of a Politician

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While U.S. was baffled over Iran’s nuclear ambition, it goes desperately grabbing support from as many countries as possible, especially from the Arab world. Obama is smart enough to be aware of the fact that U.S. long-standing policy toward Israeli nuclear arsenal got to be changed if U.S. ever makes Iran and other Arabs obey.

Obama knows clearly that the Israeli arsenal buildup including some 200 atomic warheads are perceived as real threat by the Arabs and Muslims and the U.S. double-standard on this issue — keeping a blind eye to Israeli atomic weapon while hawking about Iran’s would-be ones — won’t be well-accepted Middle-East-wise. If U.S ever intends to reach out to the Arabs world and hopes to erase some of the ill-feelings in that part of the world, its policy on Israel is one key blocking rock.

Now here’s the true touchstone to his character — is he going to uphold justice and be a true peace-missionary as he did domestically regarding healthcare reform or is he a mere running dog for some wealthy money group? Will he ever challenge the America’s 40-year-old don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy toward Israeli arsenal? Interesting to see. Not difficult to predict the outcome in this money-dominant world.

Obama’s dilemma demonstrates the difficulties of being a successful politician and a person of integrity at the same time.

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