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1, May 26, 2010

Habits that Can Bring Your Health, Happiness and All

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When I went through notes that I jotted down casually, I found these few words which I am not sure if I have posted before. Still, I would not let it pass without sharing it here. Because it is so short and sweet, not a big challenge to my limited brain.

Habits that can bring you happiness include,
(1) Laugh often
(2) Count your blessings
(3) Say thank you and really mean it
(4) Play your strength
(5) Do good whenever you can

Being happy is essential to your being health. Thus, these habits can also make you happy and healthy.

P.S. My son left early this morning. I sorely miss his youthful and joyful presence, his upbeat attitude, and his support and help any time I need. Wish him success in his summer venture.

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