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1, May 13, 2010

Character and Passion for the Law: What Obama Sees in Kagan

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On Mother’s Day Sunday, while my daughter was at her art lesson, I was trying to get some garden work done. A Chinese neighbor called about her daughter’s high school. She told me that a Chinese boy at her church was not able to get admitted into any good colleges, not even by Wash-U. The only door opened to him was KU. With perfect SAT score, dozen of perfect AP scores, sport participation at high school, church community work, and plenty of other involvements over his high school years, he was fully confident that he could get into one of the best. What is missing here?

The next day, 5/10, when President Obama nominated the 50-year-old Elena Kagan as Supreme Court nominee, he said Kagan “embodies that same excellence, independence, integrity and passion for the law” as Stevens does. If these are the qualities that Obama looked into for the position, what distinctive qualities that admission officers are looking for when they go through tons of resumes? Other than academic excellence, they also look for persons with outstanding characters and a passion of some kind. What is strikingly lacking in resumes of some high school applicants is a demonstrated passion for something. You may be a perfect student, but they want someone who can do much more than study. You may peck at numerous activities, participating for the sake of participation, without getting thoroughly soaked in any of them, but they are looking for someone who show sincere interests, knowledge and deep involvement in at least one area.

If you have a dream, a goal to chase and have pursued it whole-heartedly, you have the potential for something great, even if you do not have perfect academic scores and have not got your feet wet in many areas. Remember you must let your character shine through your life story and let your passion scream out so that no one will forget you or wait-list you after he or she has read your resume.

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