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1, Apr 26, 2010

The Root of Intolerance in American History

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During one of our weekend walks, I talked to my daughter about President John F. Kennedy. I said the Kennedy family has been the champion of the underprivileged. They are sympathetic toward minorities because they once belonged to one of the oppressed groups and they know how people feel in that situation. “They belong to the group that was once discriminated against in America.” My daughter couldn’t understand, “They are white Americans. Who discriminated against them?” she asked.

Back to American history 101. Throughout U.S. history, people have been discriminated against because of their religious, race, and many other factors. Early Americans had its religious root in Protestant crusade, to the extent that Roman Catholic was often viewed as a threat to and a conspiracy against the Republic. This sentiment was fully expressed in American nativist movement in 1820s, 1840s, and at the turn of the 20th century. During the height of rampant anti-Catholic, anti-Irish movement in Boston, some employers even added this line in their help-wanted ad, “No Negro and Irish need apply.”

Many people who are not aware of this part of U.S. history do not know that the fight for equality has come a long way in America. As with everything, nothing comes from nothing. Nothing good ever comes by easily.

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