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1, Apr 1, 2010

Stress Hormones and the Spread of Cancer

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“April Fool, but I am not,” says a little child.

When I was at another clinic last Friday, 3/26, I learned of a colleague who used to be the department manager but had to resign from the position due to her breast cancer. It was said that too much stress on that position had played a role in her disease.

This reminds me of some cancer data, that is, Native Americans have the lowest cancer incidence rate. Asian people, even with relatively higher social-economic level and healthy lifestyle, still see a much higher cancer incidence rate than Native Americans.

National Cancer Institute reports that, although “A direct relationship between psychological stress and the development of cancer has not been scientifically proven,” “Researchers have suggested that psychological factors may affect cancer progression (increase in tumor size or spread of cancer in the body) in patients who have the disease.” Well, has-not-proved does not equal to non-existence.

According to the 2007 issue of the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, “Ohio State University researchers have shown that in cell cultures, the stress hormone norepinephrine appears to promote the biochemical signals that stimulate certain tumor cells to grow and spread.”

Stress directly threatens our bodies, life and all. Make it a point to reduce unnecessary stress in our daily lives, for your dear life and your loved ones.

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