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1, Apr 8, 2010

Regret Not When You Look Back…

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On the day of last good Friday, 4/2, I was home alone with my daughter being out of town with her school, for the first time for her. She called back, asking if I was doing okay by myself. She said she tried to call me but the line was busy. Yes, I was on the phone first with a friend of mine, then with my relative in Beijing. It was such a comfort with her voice ringing in my ears.

The thought led me to some parents that I have known of. One of them used to complain of her child. “It is better not to have any children at all. Life would be so much wonderful if you didn’t have the trouble of having to raise them and you can do whatever you want without this huge responsibility.” She said this when her child was little and needed her care and attention. Now that when her child has become adult away from home and she has all the time for herself, she forgot what she once said. “If we were allowed to have more than one kids, I would have at least two or three.” Isn’t it so characteristic of some people?

I once said to a friend of mine back in Ohio, “On our life’s journey, you can go through it either with empty hands or with your hands full, with burden or without. Of course, you will have an easy time and enjoy yourself in your own way when you carry nothing all the way. Yet, toward the end of the journey, you will remain empty-handed if you have nothing on your hands and shoulders.” After nearly a decade when we met again, she only saw and envied the fact that I had earned my Ph.D, raised two wonderful children and had a professional job, but she had no idea how much efforts I had put into all these.

It is interesting to look back how we travel on our life’s journey, even after a decade. The sad part is we can never go back to re-do it differently. This is specially written for my children and their generation. I miss them a lot especially on that evening.

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