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1, Apr 6, 2010

Parents Need to Do Much More to Protect Their Children

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My heart sank sadly when I read about a 15-year-old girl, Phoebe Prince, committed suicide on 1/14/2010 in Massachussetts, as the result of extreme “verbal harassment and physical abuse” at the hand of school bullies.

Phoebe, recently moved to the area with her family from Ireland, was harassed on that day as she studied in the library at South Hadley High School in Massachusetts, apparently in the presence of a faculty member and several students, none of whom reported it until after her death. She was harassed where she went in school and on her way home. Most of the student body and school faculties were aware of the bullies against her, yet none of them ever stood out for her. Her parents contacted school authority asking them to intervene. Obviously, no one care about it.

The suicide was a violent yet helpless protest against not only all the verbal abuse and physical harm and threats poured upon her in a matter of a few months, but also the whole US high school culture. Over two months after her death, nine Massachusetts teenagers were charged for their part in the tragedy.

This incident reminds me so much of the gang rape that I posted on 12/19/2009. No matter how the justice will turn out, nothing can bring back this young life. The tragedy makes me think a lot about bullies in American high school, American culture, the role of school faculties, the need for parents to come out for their own children, etc. It is no exaggeration to say that U.S. high schools are ruled by laws of jungle with the nearly total absence of justice. If you don’t come out to protect your children, nobody will.

P.S.This news was carried in Time magazine, 4/12 issue.

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