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1, Apr 19, 2010

Obama and Today’s Tea Party Movement

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The first black president, the prolonged economic crisis, the health care reform, big government spending, … they constitute all the right ingredients for mobilizing a grassroot force like Tea Party movement.

To be sure, the U.S. is going through a period of crisis and drastic social changes. As it happened in the past, some part of the population invariably feel threatened by these changes. One key factor that draws these people together is their resentment against a black president governing a white country. Hence, the backbone of this force come from the low-class white population, politically Republicans or ideologically conservative.

It is interesting to notice that you don’t see these people jumped out against big government spending when it was headed by a white president spending trillions on two exorbitant wars, as if money spent killing people on foreign lands were more worthwhile than on health care for the underpriviledged in this country.

Obama has already made history as the first black U.S. president, winner of Nobel Peace Prize, one who presided over nuclear reduction summit for the world’s peace, pushed out universal health care in America. He will surely go down the history as one of the greatest American presidents. No movement can change this fact.

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