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1, Apr 23, 2010

Not Another Dustbowl, Our Planet and Our Shared Responsibility

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Last weekend while my daughter and I took a walk in the evening, I mentioned to her some of American writers, one of whom was John Steinbeck. I talked a bit on Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. We did not talk much of his other book The Grapes of Wrath. The book reminds me of the Dust Bowl and the migration of Okies to California.

The dust storm of the 1930s in American and Canadian prairie lands was the result of severe draughts and the misuse of lands, a disastrous cooperation of man and nature. Sadly to say, we are seeing the same thing happened throughout the world, mainly the dire consequence of human abuse of mother earth. In China, we see more and more severe sandstorms caused by the combination of farmland-turned-desert, over-grazing, pollution, and deforestation. In U.S. the grassy surface is gradually replaced by the sand down beneath in Sand Hills in Nebraska, driving people out of the area like what Dustbowl did in 1930s.

It leaves me sad and kind of helpless when I reflect upon the recent Copenhagen’s Climate Change Conference, which consists of too much selfish politics by the world’s richest countries. It is true China is the manufacturer of most of the world’s light-industry products and one of the top polluters as the result. Yet, without the help from her customers world-wide, it is hard to imagine China solves her pollution problem all by herself. China could choose the path of raising the cost of manufacturing and then the cost of goods sold, so that she can shift this cost of properly disposing the industrial waste to her customers. But will the world support this? We won’t be able to see much improvement until the world leaders realize that it is our shared planet and our shared responsibility to take drastic actions.

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