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1, Apr 24, 2010

Mourning Over Earthquake Victims in Qinghai, China

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The day before China’s plan to hold national day of mourning for quake victims last Wednesday, I sent an email to a Chinese neighbor who is active at a local Chinese church, passing to her the information on how to make donations to the quake victims via a church in Beijing. I asked her to help circulate this information among her church friends, fully expecting something out of that supposed place of love.

I was a bit disappointed when she told me that her church does not send fund “through middle agent” and she was “not feeling comfortable to pass this to our church because people usually donate to their trusted agents…if they do donate.” To be sure, the request did not come from any middle agents but from a dear friend of mine in Beijing who devotes herself full-time to church service. I was full of words but don’t know what to say to this neighbor of mine. If this is not a trusted agent, I don’t know what it is to her. What would happen if I go back to China and make such requests to Christians here on behalf of church there? Am I not considered “their trusted agent?” I used to think church-goers are open-minded, at least more than I am. I wish … There I am sharing it here.

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