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1, Feb 1, 2010

We Appreciate Good Health Only Afterward

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I came down with a severe form of flu on Tuesday, the day before I left Beijing and suffered from a low-degreed fever on the day I left till last Saturday morning. The long trip served to aggravate the torture. The headache pressed upon me like a 10-ton hammer. My legs seemed to give away any time. The misery was beyond description. I knew the sun would come out eventually, but still found it hard to go through. I finally made it home by midnight Wednesday.

I went back to the office on Thursday morning. With jetlag, fever, cold and cough and sleep deprivation, I felt like I could not pull through the ordeal this time.

But with the medicine and enough rest over this weekend, miracle did happen and I am alive and kicking again, though still a bit weak.

Meanwhile, I begin to really appreciate the health and energy that I now enjoy, knowing that good health, the root of all, can be taken away relentlessly and most unexpectedly.

For my dear children, do not take your good health for granted; appreciate everyday of your good health and apply it to the best use while you have it.

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  1. 谢天谢地!

    Comment by peiwen xia — 1, Feb 1, 2010 @ 8:38 am

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