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1, Jan 31, 2010

One Should Have a Kind Heart

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I must jot it down before I forget. While I was in China, I heard this more than once during numerous conversations with family members.

I love it. Not because I don’t have a kind heart and am in dire need of it. But because I cannot maintain a kind heart when dealing with people I don’t like or someone that hurt me in the past or someone I perceive unfavorably.

A kind heart can dissolve any discomfort or animosity that you might feel toward other fellow beings. A kind heart guarantees you a peace of mind. A kind heart uplifts your spirit to an angelical level.

With a kind heart, you are ready to wish people well, to tolerate people of all kinds, and to forgive any perceived injustices done on you.

I have a mountain of good words for having a kind heart. Trust me. It can work wonders in you. This is especially written for my children.

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