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1, Dec 20, 2009

What Should a Hen Do to Help Her Chicks

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Last Friday, 12/18/2009, two elderly colleagues of mine bought a winter jacket for another young colleague as a Christmas gift. This young colleague of mine referred to the two senior colleagues as her moms, that is, they take care of her like her mom. So heart-warming in this cold December day. This reminds me of my aunt who acts in the similar manner toward her sons.

My aunt has some treasures like antiques and a handsome of wealth, best fit for her children who are not as well equipped socially and economically as she is. Both she and her husband are college graduates and become highly-paid engineers. Yet neither of her sons went to college. She raised her children like a hen trying to protect her chicks under her huge wings. So safe and caring.

Instead of buying this or that for my children or leaving them a huge chunk of wealth, I would rather inspire them, motivate them, fire their dreams and vision and the desire to learn and to grow their own wings. With their own skills and ability, they will be in the position to buy not only their own jackets but also the jackets for all in need.

Now people may say I find excuses for not buying stuffs for others. Well, in the long run, I want my children to be proud donors instead of charity recipients. I am sure that is what they want for their future.

By the way, I don’t have any objection to charity recipients. I just want my children to be the other end of it.

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