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1, Dec 11, 2009

Shameful Waste and Stingy Care for Public Welfare

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Not long ago, I was disturbed over something that I learned from another adult in the house. One of his relatives just had an extremely extravagant wedding in China, total cost running up to $80,000. They took over a whole floor of a five-star hotel, the best one in town. The news was used to prove how rich people have become and that his nephew should go back to China to catch the train to the rich and fame. But what a huge waste for just one wedding! Imagine how many children and how many lives they will be able to reach and touch with that amount of money!

Meanwhile, one of my relatives told me of a real story in China. Some super-rich people tried to get rid of their money by driving on the highway while tossing cashes out of windows in hundreds, just to enjoy the scene of money flying in the sky. Shameless and senseless beings!

These people have done nothing less than writing a shameful and infamous chapter in the history of Chinese civilization, an unprecedented one, way to prove this point, the one that the world is not willing to see, that is, the rise of an economically powerful China together with the fall of a moral China.

I hope these people were just a few isolated beings. I wish China had as many philanthropists as her millionaires and billionaires. Sadly to say, philanthropists are very scanty. Why? Off the top of my head, I can come up with one explanation — this sense of social responsibility for any unrelated human beings has not been part of education in most of Chinese families when the emphasis has always been within one’s family. Indeed, good moral and spiritual education starts from one’s first family. Or is it so? I have no other answer.

As my daughter put it, “These selfish millionaires are worse than those working at McDonald’s.” My son said, “You can be this luxurious after you have given back.” Well, not according to this writer. Wealth without morality, this is something I have warned my children against. Whatever you have means nothing, holding no social values until you share it with others, the more you share, the more valuable you are as a social being. Make efforts and make difference so that other fellow humans will lead a better existence because of you.

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