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1, Dec 2, 2009

Meet High School Classmates, Mirror of Our Past

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Occasionally a friend of mine mass-sends an email to a list of my high school classmates. Every time I click through these names, I remember some pieces of the far away past. However, the funny thing is for most of them, they know each other and know how to get in touch with one another, yet they choose not to. Is it because they are too busy or because there are too little in common among them or some other reasons which I cannot conjure up?

I threw up this question to my friend, who returned “The past memory were sweet and bitter. For sb the bitter part was more than sweet one, so they choose to ignore. I used to ask the same question and That is my thought.”

I agree with his bitter-sweet memory explanation since those young and stupid years seems so unflattering that some choose to ignore, as if avoiding further contact with the past will erase it from their memory.

Now that I read his input, I can come up with more possible explanations. People are either too lazy to contact or are not interested in getting in touch or cannot attach any value to these contact or are too busy with their own lives to care about anything else. Or we changed so much that our past experience has become totally irrelevant to us now.

This reminds me of an instance that occurred upon my son’s high school graduation. His friends voted him as the least likely to come back for high school homecoming. I thought it was because most of his classmates stayed local and he went farthest from his Kansas home. As it stands now, I am sure he won’t come back once we move out of this place.

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