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1, Dec 27, 2009

Lectures, Pep Talks and Mental Toughness

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My children think I give them too much lectures and pep talks as if they did not need any of them at all. As a matter of fact, we all are not as strong as we would like to be and all need some kind of pep talks in our daily life. Instead of going to church every Sunday, these pep talks strengthen us up so that we can be able to shoulder our responsibilities.

Just last Friday afternoon a high school classmate of mine called from California. I was home already while she was still working. I told her of my work schedule, up at 6 AM and back around 3 PM, feeling exhausted before the day ends. Still, I need to drag my feet till midnight. Sometimes I feel my legs are giving away. She feels the same way. I am sure many responsible parents are doing exactly the same thing for their children.

I often recall to my daughter how difficult life was when my son was small and I was working on my dissertation and teaching for money and how I managed to beat the deadline each time and accomplished what I started for.

With motivation and positive thinking, you need to be equipped with certain mental toughness to tide you through any adversities in order to reach your goal. This toughness is what we all need.

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