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1, Dec 5, 2009

Clinic Research Professional: News and Fact

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Finally I got over this certification exam yesterday at KUMC, 8 to 12 in the morning. Since I spent so much time preparing for it, I might as well share some of interesting facts here.

When I was toiling through Code of Federal Regulations, I read many extremely tedious and laborious rules on how a clinic research is legally carried out. The regulations are mostly on who does what, how and in what time frame. But it is the theoretical underpinnings for the laying of these rules and regulations that intrique me most. Sometimes, I traced back to the background of the rule establishing and tried to make sense out of it, so that it would not be so intolerably boring. When I do it, it becomes a bit interesting, and then I decide to gradually post some of them here. That’s one of my to-do-items.

Yesterday evening I talked to my mother about my exam and why I wanted to get certified. She was very happy to learn it, saying “It is good that you have a pursuit instead of going about each day just for a paycheck.” She asked me when the result would come out and wanted to be informed as I learned it. Like mother, like daughter. So is it with me and so shall it be with my children. I hope.

For now, I need to get our house ready for another arrival from China, the mother of the 26-year-old relative of ours, coming to visit us next Wednesday. She will participate in her son’s graduation ceremony next Friday, then stay with us for about two months. Looking forward to a lot of back-breaking cleaning work for this weekend.

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