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1, Nov 8, 2009

Parents Are Responsible for the Kind of Children They Bring Up

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Another busy weekend rushed by.
As usual, Saturday morning was devoted to community service. Well spent. Afternoon saw me trying to catch up with some work left from the weekday, like paying bills, going to library, doing some groceries shopping. Sunday afternoon was reserved for figure-skating.

Last Friday evening, I took my daughter to Barnes & Noble’s bookstore and stayed there till it closed. After we got back home, I called my relative in China again talking about child education. We were so amazed that children take so much after their parents.

You can almost say that whatever parents are, so are the children. Well, with exceptions, of course. A mother loves cooking and the same hobby is found in her child. My relative said she was pretty much home-bound, as if she were under self-imposed invisible home arrest, never having wandered afar. Now she saw herself in her child, who upon graduation prefers to stay closeby. Whereas I never hesitated leaving home for anywhere I need to, no matter how far it was, so is my son who went to Russia in his third year of high school, then to South Africa in college, next planning to venture into another unfamiliar land, being eager to have new experience.

I would not say it is genetic. Rather, the children are products of multiple social and cultural factors — our life experience (living example), their upbringing, the socializing process heavily influenced by the people they contact with on daily basis. Yesterday, I talked to my daughter again about the movie Precious (2009). See my October 5th, 2009 posting on this. The movie is very disturbing as we see the undesirable consequence of bad parenting and environment in the protagonist of the movie. It is not that the children take after their parents, but that the parents bring up the children using their own actions and life experience.

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