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1, Nov 27, 2009

Traditional Role of Women in Modern Time

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The division of labor in the pre-modern family demands wives to play an overall care-taker role to all family members when men work or fight or hunt outside and women stay home snugly. Men have a very rough day outside, bringing home food, protecting women and children with their muscle and bravery. They come back home expecting safe, care and even pampering by their wives whose mission of life is to serve.

In modern time, technology and education equip women with equal ability and opportunity to work and compete, when muscle and bravery are not required in nearly all decent-pay jobs. With high divorce rate, women find it necessary to be economically independent. Moreover, given equal opportunities and education, many women work outside not only for more financial security but seeking personal fulfillment. Hence, the traditional role of women as care-giver in the family is not applicable any more. With everything being equal, modern family should emphasize mutual respect, understanding and loving care to each other.

However, this traditional role of women is still emphasized today in that women are expected to serve and pamper their husbands as if it were okay for men to behave like children in the family and never needed to mature and grow up. Who cares how much stress it would be on women when they have to tough it out both at work in business world and at home, babying their husbands. Indeed, isn’t it true that women are supposed to be super-beings, taking care of their career, their children’s education and upbringing, and their big husband-child when most likely this “big child” is even older than the wife-mother! Yes, young wives are so much desirable among old men. Luckily, this is not difficult to achieve for most of women.

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