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1, Nov 3, 2009

Times are Different, So is the New Generation

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Last Wednesday, a young relative of ours came over. While chatting about his future, I learned that one of his parents wants him to get a job here upon graduation, the other doesn’t care. For him, it is more comfortable going back to China. He still has not got over the hard life in America, after 3 and a half years.

I can understand perfectly the hardship and the challenge of finding a job and beat out your own path here. For a young man, that’s the fun part of it all. Nothing can compare to the true joy that one experiences in establishing one’s new world.

The new generation, a rather different one indeed. What about this ancient theme of going through trials and triumph in one’s life’s journey? I wish my children still believe that nothing is as majestic as this epic journey threading through one’s coming-of-age to independence and finally to finding one’s secure and glorious place in society, or better than this, in history. Life would be too boring to endure if it lacks any transcendental meaning.

There, finally put my children in the picture. For them, I write today.

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