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1, Nov 17, 2009

Job, Socioeconomical Status and Longevity

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This is not new any more as this study came out over two years ago, yet I still like to emphasize the reason for the wide gap in life expectancies between rich and poor, with professionals enjoying far longer lives than their low-skilled manual laboring beings.

You would think sedentary lifestyle of office dwellers is not as benefitial to your health as doing manual labor. Moving around doing manual work should increase blood circulation, reduce body fat, boost your health and prolong your life. Well, the opposite is true.

Many others factors contribute to this gap. To be sure, sedentary lifestyle itself is not helpful to our health. In fact, sitting without enough moving accelerates the aging process. What really helps is money factor, that is, the more money one has, the more health-benefits one can buy. Health benefits include healthy lifestyle with healthy foods, time and money for recreation or fitness center membership, long vacations, money for more medical attentions, long time with one’s family and friends, more leisure and entertaining activities, more freedom and control over one’s life yielding high level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

How dreadful to find oneself unable to afford a healthy lifestyle!

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